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The grain grown on this land was once the lifeblood of our community. We're a brewery & bakery bringing neighbors together to break bread, drink beer and rebuild what we've lost.


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Culture Breads Bakery

As with everything we do, our breads, pastries, and pastas begin with ancient grains, stone ground to preserve nutritional value and, most importantly, flavor. Then we use traditional methods — fermenting our dough, extruding our pasta through brass dies — to create products that are healthy, and incredibly delicious.

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We specialize in exceptional beers made exclusively from rare grains and ingredients that are locally grown and malted right here in Spokane to be unique, flavorful and incredibly drinkable. Along with our growers, we are working to craft styles of beer unique to this magical grain-growing utopia we call the Inland Northwest. 

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Hours of operation

Like any good bakery, we make everything fresh that day, and serve it up until it sells out, so get in early!

Mon & Wed–Sat | 7 am–10 pm
Sunday | 7 am–5 pm
Tuesday | Closed

1026 E. Newark Ave
Spokane, WA 99202
(509) 241-3853

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A passion & a purpose

We believe that what we are starting here can change our region and, one day, change the world. Scroll down to learn more.



Mass-market grains are engineered for volume, making them less flavorful, less nutritious and, because they rely on pesticides, damaging to our health.

Landrace grains not only have higher protein content and incomparably better flavor, but they're naturally drought & pest tolerant, so they're better for the environment and better for our bodies.

Our farmers have spent almost a decade developing a seed stock of landrace grains large enough for commercial use.

Now we're bringing those grains to you.


When society shifted to industrial farming, it also shifted to industrial-scale food production. Producers stopped fermenting grains and started using chemical leavening. 

At The Grain Shed, we joke that we do everything the hardest way possible. Our grain is stone-milled, then fermented. We use natural leavening and then bake everything in a wood-fired oven.  

We do it all to make the bread and beer we serve you the healthiest and most delicious products around, and with 100% locally grown and malted grains.


We believe connected communities are stronger communities, so our goal is to connect people to each other, and to the land we share.

We dream of neighborhood-sized brewery-bakeries dotting Spokane, bringing neighbors together. We're passionate about highlighting the Palouse's incredible bounty so urban-dwellers can feel closer to the farmers and land our food comes from. It's a passion, and it's a purpose.

So come in for a loaf or a pint, and while you're here, strike up a conversation. 

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You can just tell by looking at the grain that it’s been selected and grown with such care and respect for the land. It’s stunningly delicious.
— DAN BARBER, James-Beard-Award-Winning Chef & New York Times Best Seller
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It's all about Place


Community is formed when we eat together and create together. The Grain Shed is doing both, and we’re doing it specifically for our neighbors in Spokane’s Perry District. We hope you visit us. We also hope you’re inspired to pursue local food for your community — whether it’s here or elsewhere.